Who We Are

We are a mobile accounting firm dedicated to providing top-notch accounting services and excellent customer care!

Jennifer Simpson

I am a detail-orientated accounting and tax expert. I have over 15 years of experience processing individual and business tax returns. There is NO tax situation that I can't handle. Problem solving comes naturally to me. I can assist you by being your "Personal Accountant". I will come to you*. Why worry about having all your documentation gathered to take to an income tax service, when I can come to your home/office? You will never have to put your return on hold because you forgot something at home. If you are too busy to meet, simply upload your documents to send them directly to me. I will complete your tax return and follow up with you within 48 hours. For my less technically savvy busy friends, I can pick up your original paper documentation.

Business clients can rest easy, too. Whether you own a small business or large corporation, I can assist you with all of your accounting needs. Contact me for further details. It doesn't get any easier than this.

My clients LOVE me! Take a look at the testimonials below.

*45 mile maximum travel radius included for free with every tax return preparation. Charges may apply >45 miles.

Why Choose Us?

Let us show you why so many people choose YourTaxSource.com


We process individual tax returns within 48 hours. Our method is streamlined to eliminate the wait. You can even get your refund direct deposited in as early as 7 days.

Find Every Deduction

We know all the questions to ask to ensure you get every deduction you deserve. We specialize in itemizations, depreciation, and miscellaneous deductions. Rest assured that you will get every credit available to you.

Low Fees

By providing a mobile accounting service, we cut out 95% of the overhead. This allows us to provide competitive rates with the major tax preparation services all in the comfort of your own home or via e-mail.

100% Satisfaction

Customer Service is our number one priority. We know you can go somewhere else. We pride ourselves in developing relationships with our clients. Our loyalty to you keeps you coming back to us!

Accuracy Guaranteed

By becoming your personal accountant, we stand behind our work and we stand behind you. We will assist you with any tax correspondence you receive. We also use the latest Intuit tax software with safeguards in place that assists us in guaranteeing your error free return.

Tax Specialist

In addition to our years of service and experience, we complete mandatory continuing education each tax season to stay up to date with tax law changes.

Here are a few of our services

Our accounting experts can handle it all. Don't see what you need below? Contact us with all your specific questions.

Tax Preparation

Preparing individual and business income tax returns.

Estimated Tax Preparation

Assisting in budgeting and filing estimated tax payments for the following year.

Business Sales & Use Tax

Filing monthly/quarterly Sales & Use Tax returns for businesses.

General Accounting Consultancy

Providing solutions for any individual or business accounting questions or concerns.

Basic Single

$89.00 *

  • Single status
  • Up to two W2s
  • Non-itemized deductions
  • Single State return

Basic Married

$129.00 *

  • Married status
  • Up to four W2s
  • Non-itemized deductions
  • Single State return
  • No Dependants


Individual Pricing

  • Schedule A – Itemized Deductions - $50
  • Schedule EIC - $25
  • Child Tax Credit forms - $15
  • Schedule C – Business Return - $75

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

We know tax preparation can be tough, so we've included some helpful information to get you started.

Which option is right for me?

Not sure of your filing status? Confused about whether or not to itemize? Don't worry. We are the tax experts. We will tell you the best way to file to maximize your refund. We charge by form, just like most of the large national tax preparation chains. Just a few questions will tell us which forms will be needed to complete your return. Contact us to request a quote.

What makes us different?

We cater to you. Our goal is to create a relationship with each client that will bring them back year after year. We want to celebrate with you on a new addition to your family or on the purchase of a new home. We want to mourn with you or assist in financial planning during times of struggle. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

What if I make a mistake?

Taxes are difficult! Mistakes are common when individuals attempt to prepare their own return. If a mistake was made that the IRS has notified you of, bring us the correspondence you received and your prepared tax return. We can decipher the IRS codes and error messages. An amended return can be prepared and filed to fix any errors and prevent ongoing tax issues.

How quickly can I get my refund?

Once a return is completed, we submit it electronically to the IRS. An acknowledgement of acceptance is received in as little as one hour. Your refund will then be direct deposited into your bank account in 7-14 business days.

What payment options are available to pay for my tax preparation fee?

We gladly accept payments for your services via cash, electronic check, credit/debit card, and paypal.

How do I start?

Simply contact us by phone or email to get started today! Fill out our New Client Information Form and submit it to us for quicker processing. You can scan or email your documents to us, or we can come to you for your in-home appointment with no added trip charges. Make an appointment today!

Our testimonials

“I wouldn't have my taxes done by anyone but you. You're thorough and quick, and I know it will be done right the first time.”

Denise R.

“My husband and I have had our tax returns prepared by Jennifer for a few years now and the results are consistently good. She is very knowledgeable and thoroughly answers any questions we may have. I highly recommend her as a top notch tax professional!”

Savanna & Robert A.

“Jennifer is amazing at her job. She is accurate, organized and sincerely cares about her clients. I will continue to have her do my taxes and refer other people to her as well!”

Jennifer C.

“Jennifer has consistently provided excellent service to me and also to friends and family I have referred to her. I wouldn't let anyone else prepare my tax returns.”

Carina W.

“Jennifer has been doing my taxes for over 10 years. Very professional and fast service.”

Glenn M.

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